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Since 2018 THUNDER SERVICE is helping cryptocurrency companies to make their promotional products quickly, safely and easily through technology and innovation. Welcome to Thunder Service.
Probably THUNDER SERVICE offers the widest range of promotional products on the internet. The THUNDERSTAKE team is constantly looking for innovative products related to the world of cryptocurrency.
Detailed informations are available for all the products. All the prices are based on different quantities

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Make your own customized products featuring your Brand seamlessly

Thunder Service has the idea that can help you to get your promotional products easily..

Thunderservice aims to create an e-commerce service for modern companies. Through evolving technology and Innovation, now we are a leading cryptocurrency company promotional product offering service on the Internet.

We constantly develop our offers and at the base of everything is the wish to make this service easier for our customers.

THUNDER SERVICE allows companies to purchase quality products (with the ability to customize them) paying for the service directly with cryptocurrency.

Write to contact the team for any interaction and clarification.

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How is laser engraving done?

Laser engraving is a very persistent personalization technique, in which the writing or logo is engraved into the product. Usually, laser engraving is only used for metal products. The inscription or logo appears in the color of the metal, therefore usually in silver, gray and bronze.

How is the embroidery done?

The logo is embroidered on the product. The cost of the embroidery is the same regardless of the number of colors. This type of customization is very durable.

What is embossing?

In embossing the logo or writing is printed in relief, without using color.

What is debossing?

In debossing the logo or the inscription are imprinted on the product, without the use of color. The printing technology is used only for leather and paper products.

What is an EPS file?

An EPS file is a vector file. The image of an EPS file can be enlarged or reduced without compromising quality. For this reason, vector files are the most used for personalization.

Which file formats are accepted for as the printing?

You will need to send us a normal and a vector file. The vector file is normally saved in EPS format. In some cases, it is sufficient to send high-quality bitmap files (eg JPEG files) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Contact us if you’re not sure if your file meets the specifications above.

I can not open the EPS file. Could it be corrupt?

EPS files can only be opened by some graphics programs. If you can not open an EPS file, probably none of these programs is installed on your computer.

I do not have an EPS file. Can you help me convert my logo into EPS files?

Of course, we will be happy to help you create an EPS file if you do not have one yet. Normally this service is free if you decide to order from us. To allow us to create an EPS file you will need to send us the high resolution original in JPEG-, PDF or TIFF format.

How do I know if my file is EPS?

EPS files are normally saved with the eps extension. To know for sure that it is really an EPS vector file, where you can open the file on a graphics program.

Why do you need the Pantone / PMS code?

To make sure that the ordered items are printed with the right colors we need to know which colors you want them to be used. The print colors are identified with a Pantone code, also called PMS code. This code represents the color you will see printed on your article. If you do not have the PMS code, you can ask us to estimate which PMS code matches the color of your print file. For printable four-color articles, there is no need to provide us with the PMS codes.

Is shipping free?

Yes, shipping is always free.

What are the delivery times?

Most products are delivered within 3-4 weeks of order confirmation. The standard delivery times for each item are indicated in the “Details” of the corresponding product page. We can often offer short delivery times in an emergency. Contact us if you have a specific deadline and we will let you know if we can deliver within the desired time frame.

How are your articles sent?

All our items are sent as company packages. It is therefore important that there is someone during office hours to deliver the package to the address indicated. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know in advance the day and the time of delivery.

How can I order?

You can easily order on our online store. It is very simple with us. Alternatively, you can send your order information to

How can I get a draft print?

You should always confirm the print draft and our offer before the final order.

How a test of print is done?

A proof of printing is only possible for orders of large quantities because it is very expensive to make a print test. Instead, we always send a draft of digital printing, where you can clearly see where the print is applied to the product.

How is the print done?

Printing is the most common method of personalization. There are various printing techniques, including screen printing, transfer printing, and pad printing, which make a very detailed print possible in the desired color. Each print color is a PMS color according to the Pantone scale.

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